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Paper Title Authors
Privacy and Security
953 DAG: A General Model for Privacy-Preserving Data Mining Sin G Teo (I2R); Jianneng Cao (I2R); Vincent CS Lee (Monash University)
991 TIDY: Publishing a Time Interval Dataset with Differential Privacy Woohwan Jung (Seoul National University); Suyong Kwon (Seoul National University); Kyuseok Shim (Seoul National University)
941 The Power of Bounds: Answering Approximate Earth Mover’s Distance with Parametric Bounds Tsz Nam Chan (The University of Hong Kong); Man Lung Yiu (Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Leong Hou U (University of Macau)
942 On Nearby-Fit Spatial Keyword Queries Victor Junqiu Wei (Huawei Technologies); Raymond Chi-Wing Wong (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); Cheng Long (Nanyang Technological University); Pan Hui (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
943 ChronoGraph: Enabling temporal graph traversals for efficient information diffusion analysis over time Jaewook Byun (Halla University); Sung-Pil Woo (ETRI); Daeyoung Kim (KAIST)
1002 Efficient Distance Sensitivity Oracles for Real-World Graph Data Jong-Ryul Lee (KAIST); Chin-Wan Chung (KAIST, Chongqing University of Technology (CQUT))*
Query Processing
993 Demythization of Structural XML Query Processing: Comparison of Holistic and Binary Approaches (Extended Abstract) Petr Lukas (VSB - Technical University of Ostrava); Radim Baca (VSB - Technical University of Ostrava); Michal Kratky (VSB - Technical University of Ostrava); Tok Wang Ling (National University of Singapore)
1001 Answering Skyline Queries over Incomplete Data with Crowdsourcing Xiaoye Miao (Zhejiang University); Yunjun Gao (Zhejiang University, China; Su Guo (Zhejiang University); Lu Chen (Aalborg University, Denmark); Jianwei Yin (Zhejiang University); Qing Li (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University )
Spatial Data
994 HisRect: Features from Historical Visits and Recent Tweet for Co-Location Judgement Pengfei Li (Zhejiang University); Hua Lu (Aalborg University); Qian Zheng (Nanyang Technological University); Shijian Li (ZJU); Gang Pan (Zhejiang University)
997 K-SPIN: Efficiently Processing Spatial Keyword Queries on Road Networks Tenindra Abeywickrama (National University of Singapore); Muhammad Aamir Cheema (Monash University); Arijit Khan (Nanyang Technological University)
996 ESPM: Efficient Spatial Pattern Matching Hongmei Chen (Yunnan University); Yixiang Fang (University of New South Wales); Ying Zhang (University of Technology Sydney); Wenjie Zhang (University of New South Wales); Lizhen Wang (School of Information Science and Engineering, Yunnan University)
998 Efficient Entity Resolution on Heterogeneous Records Yiming Lin (University of California, Irvine); Hongzhi Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology); Jianzhong Li (Harbin Institute of Technology); Hong Gao (Harbin Institute of Technology)
999 A Transformation-based Framework for KNN Set Similarity Search Yong Zhang (Tsinghua University, China); Jiacheng Wu (Tsinghua University); Jin Wang (UCLA); Chunxiao Xing (Tsinghua University)
995 Matrix Factorization with Interval-Valued Data Mao-Lin Li (Arizona State University); Francesco Di Mauro (University of Torino); K. Selçuk Candan (Arizona State University); Maria Luisa Sapino ("U. Torino, Italy")